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We have been hard at work the for the last week trying to incorporate all your feedback into a new demo build. We have managed to get about 90% of your suggestions in there. The following is a list of new features.

Control System

  • Full Pan, Rotation and Zoom control using only left and right mouse buttons with Key presses (No middle mouse button)


  • Spec and Diffuse sliders
  • Texture on off switch
  • Background brightness slider
  • Flat Shaded Mode
  • Black and white mode


  • Rim light brightness and angle sliders
  • Spot / Directional light switch
  • Ambient intensity slider


  • Field of view slider
  • New control system


  • Tone mapping switch
  • Vignette switch
  • Floor on and off switch

As with the last build we would really appreciate your comments and feedback so if you have time we would love to know your thoughts.

 Screen Grabs from build 1.2